How To Get The First Date Kiss (For Guys)

If you are a young single guys who wants to get out there and have fun mingling with attractive women then you might have asked yourself when the best time is to make your move and give the woman you like the first kiss. This is a question that has been debated for decades now (though it may have been answered in Christian H’s new GFAS, though that is neither here nor there…) For most guys this is less a matter of being too scared to make a move, and more about wanting to become masters of timing, in order to improve their chances of not blowing it when they find that one girl that they really like and want as a girlfriend.

If we can be honest, then there are few that would argue the point that while some guys seem to just have this natural flare and confidence that allows them to seduce a woman they just met, most of us “other guys” will likely take a few misses before we end up getting a kiss from a young lady whom we fancy. And this is also assuming that we don’t give up and quit prematurely).

Well, whether you are guy A or B, there are a few things you need to know to do well in the dating game, and make sure that you don’t jump the gun and start trying to kiss girls before they are ready.

First off, you want to focus all of your attention on the woman you are talking to. This is a key point, but it is something that most inexperienced guys fail to do. The reason this is so important is because the more that you pay attention to her, the more that you will be able to “tune in” to her vibe and be able to get a sense of where her head is at so that. With this information it will become very easy to tell whether she is ready to start kissing, or whether she would prefer to get to know you better before indulging in such behavior.

Next, you want to make sure that you don’t end up as that guy who is always getting stuck in the friend zone or is hardly noticed by women. Instead, you want to make subtle changes that transform you into the kind of guy that women chase. To be that guy you need exude confidence and one of the most important (yet overlooked) pieces of this is having a personal style that keeps the ladies on the edge of their seats.

The first step to having this kind of an attractive style is having lots of different outfits for every different sort of occasion. Women love guys who know how to dress sharply and on point regardless of the scenario. This is easier than it may sound. Just get a suit with a snazzy pair of shoes for special occasions, a sport coat and boat shoes for casual dinners and lunches, and I’m sure you already have plenty of t shirts and jeans for when you want to bum around the house or do low-key errands with her (just save that stuff for after the first couple of dates.)

Test this one out for yourself and I am sure you will find it’s true that women are much more eager to have a quick make-out session with a guy who presents himself in a confident and polished way.

Finally, try to make the psychological paradign shift to realizing that you, and not her, are truly the “prize”. I know that thsi wauy of thinking is pretty much the opposite of how we were all raised to think, but hwne you can wrap your head around this concept and start to really internalize it I think you will notice that women start responding to you much more positively and even aggressively than they ever have before. Women are turned off by men who settle for scraps and practically beg on their knees for female attention. You are better than that. Women want a man who has confidence and knows his self-worth.

Here’s the tldr version: Make sure you have your own sense of personal value before you go chasing skirts.

Photo Credit: David Martyn Hunt


Dating Advice for Men – How To Be More Dominant

If you want to make a good impression on the women you date, it is important to project a confident, masculine, and even dominant vibe. Because some people may misconstrue my words when I saw dominant, allow me to clarify. I am not referring to dominating your date or doing any kind of BSDM activities. Instead, I am referring to being a dominant force in your own life, like how dating coach Vin Dicarlo talks about it in his Dominant Sexual Power course.

Think about it like this, women don’t want to date some weak willed man who is blown about like a leaf in the wind. They want a strong man who is on his path in life, with a vision for the future that he is actively working towards a la David Deida.

That being said, when you are on a date it is important to turn your attention to the woman before you. Make sure that you give her your rapt attention, and be considerate of her needs and desires.  This means being attentive to her – considerate, thoughtful, and solicitous to her needs. She will appreciate basic gestures which indicate such thoughtfulness.

Also, turn off your cell phone. A lot of guys think that taking calls during a date shows that they are an important person, a “hot-shot” business tycoon or whatever, but really it shows the opposite. Men who are truly dominant are able to unplug and take time for personal pursuits when they see fit and are not endlessly tied to their phones, reacting to other people’s demands. So unless you are expecting a call that is a matter of life and death, or something akin to that, you should feel no need to check your text messages or return calls during a date.

Not to go overboard talking about this subject, but really, this is a big problem. Carrying on a long conversation on your phone when you are on a date is extremely rude. If a woman I was dating ever did this I’d walk away and go talk to another girl at the bar to teach her a lesson. So make a point to wait on replying to all the messages you’ve received, and let your calls go to voice mail. In the unlikely event that you are expecting a call of real urgency, tell your date about it ahead of time. of the matter.

Moving on, remember to always make your date feel like she has your complete attention. If she is shy, draw her out of her shell with questions that show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know her better, and not just getting her into bed. Listen to her answers attentively, and answer her questions about you with sincerity. This is the way that high value, dominant men interact with others.

Of course different women do require different sorts of attention, so do what you can to find out what “type” of girl she is. A good resource for understanding different types of women is a program called Pandora’s Box that was created by the aforementioned expert Vin DiCarlo.

As a dominant man, you should feel relaxed just being yourself.  Sure, it is natural to want to impress your date, and this is fully acceptable so long as you do not go to overboard and start trying to pretend you are something you are not.  Although you may try to highlight what you think are interesting and impressive things about you, don’t stray from the truth or you’ll regret it in the long run.

Furthermore, be sure not to go overboard sharing highly personal info with her, especially if you’re still in the getting-to-know-you phase. In particular, refrain from going on about any of your ex-girlfriends or ex-wives as this is considered a red flag by many women. Don’t talk about your family member’s problem’s with alcoholism or drug abuse. Don’t complain about your deranged boss, or annoying co-workers. Whining and complaining is not attractive behavior.

Instead, keep things light and interesting.  There is time enough for more intimate and profound conversations with her when you are over your first few dates and have already established considerable rapport and friendship with her.

I hope these pointers are helpful to you. Now go and enjoy being a dominant alpha male!