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What Every Man Needs To Know About Keeping A Relationship Alive

Players, womanizers, one-night stands: men’s reputations in the dating department aren’t exactly all that rosy. There’s this unfair assumption that men have it easy getting girlfriends, that all they need to do is walk into a bar, buy a girl a drink, drop some well-rehearsed pick-up lines and leave with the girl on his arm an hour later.

Nice boys can get a bad rep too, unfairly being put into that dreaded ‘friend-zone.’

So what’s a genuinely nice gentleman to do to truly find that perfect partner to spend the rest of his life with?

One of the most important things about dating is the need for respect for both sides. A gentleman should respect a lady, honoring her right to refuse him or to allow him to go further in a relationship. A gentleman worthy of the love of a sincere lady won’t be tagged as a ‘nice guy’ only looking to get some sort of reward as well; keep it real and genuine, and the woman will know the difference.

The issue of respect also extends to treating women as human beings. Never assume that they exist for your service, that they are there to ‘save’ you or add some color into your life.

Relationships mean growing and learning together, and that entails some changes both for you and the woman too.

Learn how to compromise; it’s easy to have resentment destroy a relationship. Always keep open lines of communication. Say what you mean and mean what you say, and make sure your partner knows this too. Too often many arguments start from a lack of communication.

Learn how to pick up on the subtle cues and hints. Surprise her every so often, and listen to her when she has problems. Be sensitive to the emotions of women; sometimes you won’t even need to offer advice, just be a listening ear.

Most of all, be gentle, and be kind. Relationships can be messy and frustrating, but approach all problems with care and patience, and your relationship won’t have to self-destruct.

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